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Maximizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and Greenhouse gas reductions

By converting the heating and cooling plants to cleaner technology – from steam to a fully electric system for cooling, and to low-temperature hot water for heating – will save hundreds of millions of dollars while improving resiliency and safety conditions. This will reduce carbon pollution by 33 percent, bringing the total greenhouse gas reductions for the system to 63 percent as compared to its 2005 baseline emission levels.

The result will be an improved delivery of heating and cooling services in the National Capital Region (NCR) with a goal to:

  • Improve the Government of Canada’s environmental performance;
  • Reduce the costs of heating and cooling operations for the Government of Canada compared to the current systems;
  • Increase safety and reliability of heating and cooling operations;
  • Growth of the modernized National Capital district energy system so the community can benefit from economies of scale for greater technical, environmental, and economic outcomes.

The solution provided by Innovate Energy will help the Government of Canada to meet its goal of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 2030. Once this first goal is achieved, the Government will focus on using renewable, carbon neutral fuels.

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