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Mitigating Impacts in a Sensitive Environment

Innovate Energy will build a complex project while minimizing impacts to communities and people that surround the heating and cooling plants.

To address the sensitivity of the sites and the surroundings of construction zones, Innovate Energy will implement tailored solutions taking into account construction activities, pedestrian paths, work duration, and the potential impacts to the public, neighbouring establishments, the fauna and flora.

Several initiatives will be carried out to honour Ottawa’s high-profile buildings and not distract from a visitor’s experience exploring the city. For example, the demolition and construction of the new Cliff Plant will be carried out from the lower plateau, reducing visible construction from Wellington Street.

Photo of the Supreme Court of Canada building

This will drastically reduce the public’s awareness of construction from high profile destinations such as the Supreme Court and Library and Archives Canada. It will also limit impacts on vehicular and pedestrian traffic along Wellington Street.

Until the buildings are upgraded and connected to the modernized system, the low temperature hot water and chilled water district energy system, Innovate Energy will ensure water, steam, and chilled water are delivered to all users in connected buildings.

The goal will be to reduce impacts on normal operation of the plants and their delivery of reliable heating and cooling.

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