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EQUANS' Executives Visit the Project in May 2023

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Back in May 2023, Innovate Energy welcomed Remi Blackburn, Vice President of Technical Services, and Claudia Berger, ing, CEM, M.Env. Director of Sustainability from EQUANS Services. The team had the privilege of exploring the existing Plant and view the modernized Cliff Energy Centre that are showcasing the government’s commitment to low-carbon initiatives and sustainable practices in the hashtag#Ottawa Region's buildings! Every feature of the Energy Centre has been carefully designed to minimize its environmental impact including the conversion of steam to low temperature hot water, the use of electric chillers and the integration of smart building technologies!

The innovative design, advanced technologies, and eco-conscious features of the Energy Centre left them truly inspired.

Innovate Energy is proud to be part of the Public Services and Procurement Canada | Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada dedication to managing properties in an environmentally friendly manner which ties into the government priorities. This remarkable achievement highlights both the government's and Innovate Energy’s unwavering commitment to a greener future!