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Introducing the Members of Innovate Energy - bbb architects Ottawa Inc.

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November 3, 2021

bbb architects Ottawa Inc.

bbb architects Ottawa Inc. (bbb) is a diversified architectural design studio, offering a full range of architectural services, which has resulted in many prestigious commissions. Working to integrate architectural design with sustainable development is at the crux of bbb’s mandate to support and enhance clean energy momentum in the National Capital Region.

The diversity of the firm’s work underpins an understanding of client objectives and aspirations as essential to establishing successful designs; bbb creates custom-made, functional and innovative solutions, harnessing the power of renewable energy and adhering to different environmental certifications in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Based in Ottawa, the firm’s local work has allowed bbb to understand the importance of sourcing local materials and products to execute their design visions, allowing projects to act as ambassadors for the communities they serve.

Dedicated to sustainable and design excellence, bbb embraces an enduring and steadfast commitment to quality, which has been recognized by numerous awards, including a Governor General’s Medal in Architecture, as well as the Ontario Association of Architects’ People’s Choice Award and Design Excellence Award.

bbb leads the ESAP design team in ensuring that the architectural expression and urban context of each of the sites fosters sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. The landscaping and accessibility of these sites are of prime importance to the Government of Canada to encourage visitors and residents of the National Capital Region to experience thoughtful and memorable urban spaces that express the government’s commitment to sustainable development for current and future generations.