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Introducing the Members of Innovate Energy - EQUANS

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*ENGIE is now called EQUANS

August 4, 2021

The second in a series of profiles of the members of Innovate Energy the team that is modernizing the district energy system in the National Capital Region for the Government of Canada.

ENGIE Services Inc.

ENGIE Services Inc. is a facilities management solutions provider that prioritizes energy efficiency for public and private customers across Canada. To support customers’ energy transitions, ENGIE Services Inc. combines expertise in their specific sector, with innovations in technology, to deliver bespoke and integrated solutions.  ENGIE Services Inc. focuses their work on managing asset lifecycles to meet specific performance standards, qualitatively rationalizing energy use and reducing operational costs. ENGIE Services Inc. will bring its experience operating and maintaining district energy systems (DES) to the ESAP project for the Government of Canada.  The ENGIE Group’s experience with DES is supported by operating more than 320 district heating and cooling networks in more than 20 countries; the ENGIE Group leads the top ten players in the district heating and cooling (DHC) world market. ENGIE Services Inc. provides solutions to optimize energy and resources by improving efficiency and performance of buildings and facilities to lower energy consumption and GHG emissions. ENGIE Services Inc. will maintain and operate with DES system in the National Capital region while modernization takes place and continue doing so for 30 years afterwards.