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Introducing the Members of Innovate Energy - PCL Construction Canada

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July 14, 2021

The first in a series of profiles of the members of Innovate Energy, the team that is modernizing the district energy system in the National Capital Region for the Government of Canada.

PCL: PCL Construction Canada

PCL Construction has established itself as an expert in P3 agreements from over a century of work in Canada, and North America. As a family of independent, employee-owned companies, PCL Construction has long been at the forefront of innovation and technical advancement in construction. Experience in diverse operations such as civil infrastructures, heavy industrials and building markets has supported PCL Construction’s endeavor to be a premier and trusted company in the sustainable building market. As the largest contracting organization in Canada, PCL Construction recognizes the importance of sustainable development and the evolution to a net zero world. Working with clients to incorporate renewable energy and passive systems into their development plans has exemplified PCL’s mandate to achieve zero carbon emissions.  Locally, PCL Construction is based in the National Capital region and is experienced in sourcing the local materials necessary to reduce their carbon footprint.  PCL Construction’s consistent focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness has resulted in a portfolio of work that demonstrates measurable benefits to help the Government of Canada meet their goal for GHG reduction.

PCL Investments Canada Inc.

PCL Investments established itself with the PCL group to merge the design-builder and equity investment roles to facilitate public-private partnership and alternative financing and procurement (PPP/AFP). PCL Investments aims to bolster equity investments underpinning many P3 projects that focus on sustainability and carbon reduction. Maneuvering this strategy has allowed PCL and their investment counterpart to streamline into the renewable energy marketplace from a financial angle.

PCL Construction is the design-builder and the general contractor of the ESAP project and is responsible for all design construction and civil aspects such as excavating and structural requirements. PCL Construction’s willingness to work towards sustainability goals with the Government of Canada will advance the achievement of GHG and carbon reduction.