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Introducing the Members of Innovate Energy - WSP

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October 5, 2021

The fourth in a series of profiles of the members of Innovate Energy the team that is modernizing the district energy system in the National Capital Region for the Government of Canada.

WSP in Canada

WSP in Canada is one of the country’s leading professional services firms working as a future focused organization with a reputation for innovative thinking, outstanding service, value enhancement and environmental responsibility. The firm provides services to restore the natural environment and transform the built environment; its expertise encompasses environmental remediation, urban planning, and developing the energy sources of the future. WSP in Canada employs various environmental experts, many in the NCR, enabling a localized presence to pilot the most demanding projects.

In maintaining an enduring commitment to their vision for a sustainable future, WSP in Canada engineers innovative solutions for all phases relating to district heating and cooling distribution systems to help clients harness renewables and waste energy sources, as well as reduce network operating costs, demand on grids and GHG emissions. Their staff have specialist experience in district energy systems, renewable energy and distributed energy, with projects ranging in size and technology. They are active in a number of energy sectors including district energy, energy efficiency and renewable energies. The company brings a vision for a net zero carbon world to the ESAP project, and a portfolio of successes that demonstrates their mandate for a clean, modern future.

WSP in Canada further contributes to the engineering portion of the ESAP project by looking after many aspects pertaining to the design of the mechanical, electrical and structural components of the central heating and cooling plants and the district energy system. Their mandate, and experience modernizing city infrastructure, supports the Canadian Government’s objective of clean, sustainable cities.