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Gatineau Energy Centre

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An initiative that’s part of the Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP), alongside Innovate Energy, has put shovels in the ground to kick off the construction of the Gatineau Energy Centre (GEC). This Energy Centre is one of four facilities that are being built or retrofitted to provide clean, carbon neutral heating and cooling services through the federal government’s National Capital District Energy System (NCR DES). GEC will be one of the most progressive energy facilities of its kind.

Currently, the PCL site office has been delivered and is currently being fit up before the remaining GEC team move to site to begin the work. What’s more is that the Civil and Earthworks contractor has prepped the site for shoring and excavation works. As part of this construction project, the abandoned steam and condensate duct bank has now been fully removed because it interfered with the construction of the new GEC.