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December 1, 2021

The Design and Construction Stage for the new modernized district energy system is underway and there are many components involved in engineering such a large, modernized system. One of these components is the U-Loop, used to minimize the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction in our system’s heating pipes.  Expansion loops, AKA “U-Loops” are used to increase the flexibility of the piping system and to minimize the potential stress that can occur with long, continuous runs of pipe.

The U-Loop is made of pre-insulated bonded pipe that meets the European EN 253 Standard; this is the only viable option that meets the necessary standard for our buried pipe systems and can be used for hot water networks. It is a steel pipe wrapped in polyurethane foam, which is then wrapped in a high-density polyethylene jacket.

For the current work at Tunney’s Pasture, LOGSTOR piping from Denmark is being used.  To build a U-Loop, four 90-degree elbows of pipe are welded together and wrapped in LOGSTOR BandJoint, a specialized product used for joining separate lengths of LOGSTOR pipe together. Each joint can be installed individually within a few hours, or sequentially over several days. Installation is risk free as long as all safety precautions are followed.

The U-Loop is one of the many engineering tools that will optimize Ottawa’s district energy system and demonstrates the Government of Canada’s goal of using the best products to reduce energy consumption. Working in conjunction with the updated heating and cooling plants, the district energy system will be a global example of modernizing municipal operations and minimizing overall GHGs.